- Improve animal health

- Decreased recovery time after injury

- Improved cardio vascular performance

​- Safe and controlled rehabilitation ​environment.

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy utilizes the warmth, buoyancy and resistance of water in a provided and optimal setting for cardiovascular setting for cardiovascular conditioning and physical rehabilitation. At Stonecreek Kennel, we offer hydrotherapy in the Underwater Treadmill Tank to treat conditions such as arthritis, post-operative recovery, obesity and spinal injuries.  Hydrotherapy can sometimes be used if surgery isn't the best option based on age of the patient or financial difficulties.

Treatable Conditions:

- Pre and post operative conditions

- Arthritis

- Hip/elbow dysplasia

- Chronic Degenerative Radiculomelopathy

- Cruciate ligament management

- Osteoartheritis

- Obesity

- Canine Conditioning

- Herniated disc

Stonecreek Kennels Hydrotherapy unit is operated by Hydrotherapy/Veterinary Technologist Rebecca Cassidy.  Rebecca has her Bachelors of Science focused on Animal Health Technology from Murray State University.